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Breakfast Time | Healthy Frying Recipes. Let’s Give You My Morning Breakfast.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. For the people that think skipping breakfast isn’t a bad thing… You are wrong, and you should change that very quickly. Having breakfast gives you all the nutrients and energy you need to get your day started. Now, usually I have a quick and easy breakfast, something like porridge that’s easy no fuss. However, when I have the time I like to fry… But a lot of people are put off by it. But there are healthy frying recipes ideas that you can follow to have a great breakfast that isn’t to bland, lets begin. 

Let’s have a chat about my breakfast, a little bit of a spin on a cross between stir fry with an English breakfast. The healthy frying recipe you need.


I love eggs, I actually consume a lot of eggs, they are loaded with protein and really kick start your day, what I’ve done for this breakfast is fry the eggs in 1% fat oil. Flipping them over both sides, seasoned with pepper and a little bit of BBQ spice to really get the flavour going.

Stir Fry:

The stir fry looking bit is a combination of tomato, onions, mushrooms and a little bit of diced pepper. All of it goes into the pan together, no more oil is needed, you just use the left over from the eggs. Spin them around for a bit, then you add the pepper, chilli powder and one garlic. Keep turning the vegetables until they go a lovely brown and you are ready.


I usually have two drinks right in the morning with this breakfast, green tea (loaded with good nutrients and aids in fat burning) then a vitamin drink.

There you go, a breakfast loaded with all the good nutrients you need to get your day started, with a healthy amount of protein and all the vitamins from your liquids. This will get your day started right and keep you going until lunch.

(This is a vegetable dish, no meat is needed, but can be added if you feel necessary)

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