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Bring Back The Tie | Keeping Classic Going

Where did the tie go? Of course, it’s still incredibly popular but the idea of wearing a tie at certain occasions has just gone out the window. It’s like as a nation, we got a little casual, maybe a bit too casual. You barely see anyone really wear a tie anymore, except for incredibly formal events. Even at interviews now the concept of wearing a tie can be forgotten. But I want to change that, I think its time to bring back the tie. 

James Vincent blog

Let’s be honest, as fashions change constantly we have seen the tie get slightly diminished for certain outfits, a shirt now is constantly worn with an open collar, without the need for a tie. But I want to start throwing it back in certain outfits. A tie just throws in a touch of class, luxury and sophistication, who wouldn’t want that?

If you ever feel like your outfit could be spiced up a little more, maybe it needs something you just can’t put your finger on… Try the tie, you may surprise yourself.

man wearing tie

Next: Shop here.

Next is always a safe best for ties, relatively cheap, great value and always fantastic materials. I have shopped with these guys many times in the past, my seal of approval is definitely with them.

T.M Lewin: Shop here.

I have collaborated with this brand before, we worked together on a Pocket Tie and Tie post, it was a good brand, fantastic materials have been used to create these products. However, they are a little pricey.

John Lewis: Shop here.

What do you think about bringing back the tie, is this something you would add to your outfit, or do you believe we have actually passed the era where the concept of a tie is moved on and should only be worn on specific occasions? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media.