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The British Have Not Adapted To The Heat, Or Just Not Prepared!

As a Brit I can safely and very politely say “The British, are not and probably won’t ever be prepared for the heat” Let me explain! If you are from England, you will know that for 360 days of the year we have rain, for 5 days we have sunshine, well round about that! Anyway… We as a nation are adapted and suited for the cold for example; Thick bedsheets, heated floors, blankets and bloody hot water bottles, yeah we are adapted… for the cold. When the heatwave comes around we are pretty much screwed.

So, the heatwave hits and us Brits are loving it, we are going to make the most of it. We are outside, shorts, t shirt, the pimms is out, the sangria is being made and the Gin and Tonics are bottomless, but we even go a step further, the BBQ that hasn’t been touched since 04 is out, its being used and we feel great!

The day goes on, we sit outside, we bond with our family and friends and we keep soaking up the sun like there is no tomorrow. Then as the day comes to a close, we all head home, and retreat to our beds. Well this is where we are screwed, our whole lifestyle has adapted to the cold, but now its hot…

You get into your thick warm bed sheets and you realise you might as well of just turned the oven on because its that hot, you head over to the cupboard and pull out a fan that has more dust on it than antiques living in the loft, you power this bad boy up and realise its about as powerful as an electric toothbrush, now your amazing day in the sun came to a big sweaty halt.

You crowd around this old fan trying to get cold, you turn over your pillows, you’re in an out of your bed, you splash your face but you realise, its no good, bring on the bad night sleep… Now all you’re wishing for is either the cold cold weather or Air conditioning, its usually the latter.

What I wish for is scorching hot days, cold nights haha!

And that is why the British haven’t adapted to the heat, and probably, never will.

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Have a great evening,