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British phrases real meanings – Now in Britain we say things in some unusual way in addition, we say phrases that you may think mean one thing, but actually mean something totally different, so here is my a British translation for common phrases.

What the British Say = What they mean:

I hear what you say = I disagree and do not want to discuss it further

With the greatest respect = You are an idiot

That’s not bad = That’s good

That’s a very brave proposal = You are insane

Quite good = Disappointed

I would suggest = Do it or be prepared to justify yourself

Oh, incidentally/ by the way = The primary purpose of our discussion is

Very interesting = This is clearly nonsense

i’ll bear it it in mind = I’ve forgotten it already

I’m sure it’s my fault = its definitely your fault

I almost agree = I don’t agree at all

I only have a few minor comments = do it all again

Could we consider some other options = I don’t like your ideas at all

Do you know any other British phrases, comment them below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent, 

Have a great morning,