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British Words “Cheeky Explained!

So in Britain we have a term, a word that explains and supports most situations! The word, is cheeky. Now, you’re probably thinking “Yes, so does the rest of the world?” True, but your term doesn’t match ours. Let me give you some examples;

Normal: “I’ve decided to go on a run” Reply: “Ah okay, have fun, see you in a bit”

Cheeky: “I’ve decided to on a cheeky little run” Reply: “Oo okay, you have fun mate! In a bit”

Do you see the difference? No.. Okay, let me give you another example! 

Normal: “Shall we go down the pub for a pint?” Reply: “Um okay.. Sure!”

Cheeky: “Shall we go down the pub for a cheeky pint? Reply: “Oo yeah, why not! Come on then!”

Now do you see the difference? No… Okay, one more! 

Normal: “I just had a Chinese” Reply: “That’s nice, did you enjoy it?”

Cheeky: “Just had a cheeky chinese, waheyyyy” Reply: “Oo check you, where’s mine you selfish sod”


Its a way of expressing your day, its a way of amplifying your emotions towards the situation. So, don’t just have a normal day, have a cheeky day, don’t just have a normal takeaway, have a cheeky takeaway!

Have a great day you lot,

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