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Can you beat your mates in this driving theory quiz? How much can you really remember…

Good morning you lovely people, let’s have some fun this morning. We are going to do a driving theory quiz! Okay, when I was learning to drive a theory test was no fun.. Endless questions and the test centres were even worse! Well, now I’ve been driving for a while we are going to look back and see how much you and I remember! Because I can tell you this, from the drivers I see every now and again, some really need to go back and do a refresh test haha!

Let’s begin the driving theory quiz, good luck!


What did you think of the driving theory quiz? Did you ace it or was it a lot harder than it looked… Make sure you comment your thoughts and opinions below as I want to hear your quiz results. If you don’t want to comment below you can always alternatively reach out to me on social media.

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