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Can’t Get Past The First Date? Here’s Why!

Okay, where do I begin… Dates, they can be tricky! But the first one is on a whole new level, usually because of the pressure you are put under. All your charm, coolness and ideas you have planned just departed and aren’t coming back. But what I’m here to do today is give you some advice into how to pass that first date with ease also give you some guidance into why you’re probably not getting past it! Let’s begin;

Being Cheap is a one way ticket:

So you went on this date, it seemed great, you were smooth as ice, your charm was like James Bond, she thought she found a winner, then you got to the end of the date, and expected her to pay… Nice move dumbass. Paying for meal on the first date is not an option, like at all. Don’t think, well this is the 21st century, no no no… Pay. End of, move on, zip it up, don’t think about it.

You didn’t text:

You hear all this silly bollocks about texting. Wait a day, no actually wait two! Actually you don’t want to seem desperate, wait a week… Then she texts you back, okay play it cool, don’t text for 3 days, two hours and 6 minutes… Yeah that’s clever. You make yourself look like firstly you aren’t interested, secondary you don’t care. Just text her. “Hi, It’s James, it was so lovely to finally meet you in person, let’s meet again soon!” < See I even wrote it for you!

Wanted to get lucky on the first date:

Don’t walk in with your cock hanging out thinking, yes son! First date, smash it out the park, get laid and move on… My friend it does not work like that, good things come to those who wait, and when it comes to getting lucky, wait. She will give you the signs if she wants to get… Physical.

You didn’t make any moves:

But you can also go the opposite side of the spectrum, walking in with your hands in your pockets, making no physical contact, well done you practically went on a date with a friend. Giving a light touch on the hand, hip or arm is not over the top and break the barriers.

Location Location Location:

Location is so important, if the first date goes well you need to make sure you choose the right location, don’t just choose a random place, make sure you go to somewhere romantic, quiet and appealing to you both. If she’s vegan don’t take her to the closest steakhouse, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Past became the present:

Don’t be an open book, don’t start speaking about how you and you ex broke up, how you had this massive argument and she’s the worst person ever… Because it firstly makes you look like you are going on a date to get over her and secondly shows you still care for her… That was so clever!¬†Think of it like this, would you want her to start talking about it? If not, then you shouldn’t be saying it either!

You wore a hideous outfit:

Your fashion is everything, making sure you look is just as great, so make sure your outfit is on point, have a look at my latest fashion posts to get some iinspiration.

If you have any other questions, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent