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They Cheated Do I Go Back To Them? #AskJames

Well good evening everyone, as everyone has been DMing me, or just tweeting me in general asking for relationship or life advice, its only fair I give you answers, but usually my answers need to be longer than 140 characters… So I am replying to your questions in the form of a blog post. so here goes;

Anonymous: “I got cheated on, I found out from a friend, then I found out it was true, he apologised and wants to get back, do I? 

Okay, you want my answer? In one word…. No. Now I don’t believe in cheating, I actually hate it, I think its such a horrible thing to do, you commit yourself to someone, then turn your back on them. It’s not fair. Now, is some peoples defence it does happen where you “Fall out of love” You may have not been right for each other, that does happen. But there are ways to get around cheating, like telling the truth…

In my opinion, don’t go back to them. You’re provably wondering why I’m saying it, well I can say from experience, if you get cheated on, it’s only a matter of time before they do it again. I’ve had in the past, one of my ex girlfriends said she cheated on a past boyfriend, and all I could think in my head was “Is this going to happen to me?” And it did… There’s a saying, and oldie but a goldie “Once a cheater, always a cheater” There’s a lot of truth in that…

So in conclusion my best advice is; Cut your loses and move on, if they can cheat on you in the first place, then they didn’t commit themselves entirely to you, and that’s not what you deserve.

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