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Christmas is approaching at a rapid pace, you want to step up your Christmas present giving this year, what about a watch? There are loads of different brands on the market that won’t break the bank! Over the last six months I have reviewed some great watches, some stood out more than others, so here are some of my favourite watches that should definitely be on your Christmas List this year.

This is in no specific order:

Franco Florenzi – Messina Lazaro:

One of my recent watches, this is definitely one of my favourites, it’s an absolute beautiful watch. Sophisticated and Bold. A watch for the modern gentleman, if you are looking for a watch that is elegant, well made and suitable for all occasions then this is the watch for you, you can see my official review of the watch HERE. This is definitely a christmas watch I recommend this year!

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Tighes Timepieces – Hale Milanese:

Simplistic and Elegant. Created for someone that is modern but has a passion for a classic design and quality. With a simplistic face and a plain strap, this timepiece looks gorgeous and is suitable for any occasion. I love the metal band on this watch, it is a minimalistic but it makes a bold statement, if you want to see my official review of the watch click HERE. Another fantastic option for your christmas watch list.

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Gents Timepieces – Atlas:

You won’t believe it but this was the first ever watch I bought, back in the day when the skeleton watches had started trending, this watch stood out to me so much, I just loved the design of it and haven’t seen anything really like it since, it’s been through thick and thick and is still working, definitely recommend getting this, a real great present of your christmas watch! You can read my official review HERE.

Christmas Watch Guide - Gents timepieces

Lord Timepieces – Bolt:

A real mans watch, just look at it. That watch says, ‘I’m here I’m badass look at me’ The matt silver face is slightly bigger than the usual face making it a mean looking watch, it works so well, and really stands out in front of your outfit, definitely not a watch that will go unnoticed. Get this christmas was this year to really make a statement! Read the full review HERE.

Christmas Watch Guide - Lord Timepieces Bolt - Jamesvincent.life

Debonair time – The Roosevelt: 

One of my favourite, most simple and most beautiful watches. I have matched this and worn it on so many occasions, and some very fancy ones at that! The simplistic face stands out, a clean and bold time face makes it watch that goes well with so many outfits, it doesn’t need to stand out, as one its noticed its a watch that keeps on getting noticed, its lightweight and so well priced, a christmas watch that should be on the list ASAP. You can read my official review HERE.

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Smart Turnout – Town Watch Royal Observer Corps Edition:

The Town watch is a classic Swiss-made timepiece. The understated design features a 40mm black face and contemporary numbering. This is matched with a quality Ronda 6004D Swiss movement with date to make this watch as functional as it is stylish. This watch should be right at the top of your christmas watch list, it has been one of my favourite watches, matching just about every outfit I own. If you want to see the full review click HERE.

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If you have any other questions about these watches, or other watches I have taken a look at in the past, don’t hesitate to drop me an email or if you want a quick reply you can tweet me @Mrjamesvincent if you want to see other watch photos I have taken, check me out on Instagram @james.vincent 

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