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What Classic Hangover Cure Is Most Like You? Will, I Guess Correctly?

Well, good evening you lovely people. I can tell you this, if you’re reading this, you either suffer from incredibly bad hangovers, looking for that CURE. Or, you’re passing the time with a drinking quiz, because well, drinking can be real fun. (Drink sensibly, you wild ones) Let’s look at the classic hangover cures and see if there is hangover cure that relates to you, let’s begin. 

What classic cure did you relate to the most? I want to hear all about it! Make sure you comment your results below or reach out to me on social media, don’t know which one I’m on? Well, I’m on just about all them… Seriously. Its scary! If you want some more fun, have a go at a couple of the quizzes below to keep the fun going, don’t worry I’ve made them easy on your head.

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