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Are You Cleaning Your Leather Shoes Correctly? There’s A Right Way To Keep Them Lasting Longer.

We all love brand new Leather shoes, that moment you open up that box to look down at your brand new shoes. Only to wear them for a while, for you to look down, covered in mud and slightly damaged. Now you put those shoes back in the cupboard and then realise the lifespan of your leather shoes have diminished dramatically. However, I can help keep the lifespan of your leather shoes going for longer.

Clean of excess dirt.

This is the most important stage, its also the stage where a lot of people go wrong. I’ve seen people start cleaning their shoes without actually cleaning the excess of the shoes first. So what happens is the person would clean over the first leaving the shoes all bubbly and un even. So make sure before properly cleaning your shoes, get read of all excess dirt, dust and anything that would effect the outcome of the shoes being polished.

Remove laces:

You have now cleaned of all the excess dirt and dust of your shoes, its time to remove the laces. The lazy person would keep them on, that’s where people run into problems, your laces, usually brown, black now have varnish all over them… You’ve made twice as much work for yourself…

Polish Shoes:

Okay, take the first brush, this is to apply the vanish, don’t be to generous, but don’t be cheap with it either. We want to apply the whole shoe with an even coat. Use proper brush, don’t mix the brush if you have used brown and black varnish. Secondly, elbow grease is important in this stage, its time to sweat.

Second stage of polishing, the second brush, evenly spreads the polish. This makes sure its properly polished into the shoes. The leather shoes need some love, but also some stern loving… To show it. Every spread the polish into the shoe, making sure you get all areas.

Buff Shoes:

Leave the shoes now for just a couple of minutes, just for a couple. Then grab the buffer, now its really time to get a sweat on. The buffer stage really brings out the shine, its time to put in the hard work, in circular or straight sliding motions. Brining out the shine and protecting it.


The drying stage, now your shoes look amazing. But, you need to make sure you leave them in the right place, this place is a cool dry place. Do not leave them outside, especially in the heat, or you will quickly ruin your shoes.

What did you think of the leather shoes post? Are you going to follow this to make sure you keep your shoes nice and polished and the lifespan longer. If you have any questions, ask them below! Or reach out to me on social media. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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