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Clearasil Skin Product | Still Using it after 10 years

Let’s talk about Clearasil, now for you guys out there that don’t know what it is, let me tell you. Its one of best skincare products on the market, so good I’m still using it after ten years. Not the same bottle that would be weird… But the same line of product for ten years, which is crazy if you think about it, I am a loyal customer. 

Now, this isn’t going to be a before an after photo of using the product; it’s more of a story of why I’m still using this product and what its done for me. To tell you this story we must go back, about ten years back. I was 14 years old; I was living in Dubai.

The warm, humid weather was great… But at 14 I was using a gel, you must remember it. It was that thick hair gel cheap as chips that people used; I probably have a photo of me with a fringe flick thinking I looked cooler than any hair model on television.

The problem with that hair gel is with the excessive chemicals used in that product combined with that hot, humid weather was causing my skin to go a little bad, actually, scratch that, really bad.

It got to the point where I had horrible sore skin on my forehead and nose, it then spread over to my cheeks and chin. I didn’t have acne; it was just really bad spots. Now, let’s be honest no one likes spots, but mine got too bad I went to the doctors, they prescribed this cream, which worked for a while, but it dried my skin out horribly, then. As a result of my skin got worse, if that was even possible.

This pushed my confidence levels down, and at 14/15 trying to be cool, this wasn’t fun. But then after a while, I was recommended to just use Clearasil, twice a day and wash my face with warm water no heavy skin products, no harsh creams just simple and straightforward.

It cleared up my skin, it kept it healthy, and as a result, I have loved it so much I have used it every day since. Yeah, there have been days my skin has broken out, no one has perfect skin, but Clearasil has kept happy and those pesky spots at bay.

What skin products do you use? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media. Have a great day!


Clearasil Skin Product | Still Using it after 10 years
PriceReliability Skin sensitiveKeeps skin fresh and clean
96%Overall Score