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Cloudy Crisp Days At Chateau Impney Hotel

Good morning everyone, how was your weekend? I have to say mine was quite productive, a lot of Christmas shopping, getting things sorted, I feel prepared for the week to come. Anyway, I am here today to talk a bit about one of my favourite outfits at the moments, a bit of a smarter one but something you should check out, and I had the best shooting location, Chateau Impney Hotel, classy and sophisticated on those crisp, cloudy mornings.

Let’s talk fashion, so this outfit is a┬ábit of a smarter one than one would usually wear, but it’s something you should consider to stand out in front of the crowd. The suited and booted look with casual aspects does make for a great outfit.

Okay, its time to break down this outfit, are you ready; The shirt is from Debenhams, I went for a thicker one, with the fold back cuffs, because of its winter, I do like to make sure I am staying that little extra padded from the cold. The trousers are a tweed style material from Reiss, again slightly thicker than usual to block the cold. Shoes are Burton menswear, formal, pointed and very comfy.

A lot of you were asking where I got those amazing socks from, these ones are from Drake and Hutch, from their new collection! Now to the main piece of the outfit, the overcoat! This specific one is a thick wool, from Debenhams, topped with a Movember pin. To finish this whole outfit off, a Daniel Wellington, from their new collection.

Male Blogger Worcestershire

This was the photo on used on my Instagram when it was my Birthday! You probably recognise that cheesy smile aha.

chateau impney

Oh how I wish this were my house, look at it… the palace!

classy gentleman

Welcome to my home, yeah come on in.

James Vincent

Can you notice the pin I’m wearing? Comment it below!

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By order of the peaky blinders.

What did you think of this outfit and the location, if you want to know more about Chateau Impney, have a look at this post? If you want to carry on the fashion reading, have a look at this post!

Have a great day