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Coffee doesn’t cause cancer!

Coffee doesn’t cause cancer, according to a new World Health Organisation (WHO) report.

Well there has been an never ending debate with coffee users and the WHO foundation. Basically for years there have been people that argued that the lovely delicious and slightly addictive coffee holds certain chemicals that can heighten and produce cancerous cells… Well announced today from the WHO foundation themselves it actually doesn’t…

Now I know that these sort of foundations and the public have been known to say that something is not good for you, then a few weeks later it is… Sometimes you just can’t win! However, as its from the WHO foundation themselves you know there is some truth behind it.

Quoted from WIRED: “The WHO first classified coffee as potentially carcinogenic 25 years ago, saying that it may cause bladder cancer. But after reviewing more than 1000 studies on the link between coffee and cancer, it concluded that there “was inadequate evidence for the carcinogenicity of coffee drinking overall”

Well that’s a bloody relief as I seem to drink a lot of coffee on a regular basis… So its good to hear that it actually isn’t that bad for you after all. Now this doesn’t mean you should go out right now and down 1 litre of coffee, because then it  does become bad for you, everything in moderation!

“No conclusive evidence was found for drinking at temperatures that are not very hot.” – WHO Foundation

Actually you would be surprised how good coffee can actually be for you, and all the crazy facts it actually holds that I’m sure you didn’t know about!

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