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Having Confidence, Balls and A Dash Of Cockiness.

Let me start by saying, this actually applies to both women and males. It can work both ways… Hold on, you probably have no idea what I’m on about… Let’s back track! Okay, the title of this post, is well, a little vague. It’s really my opinion on how to get a girl, but it also applies to females as well. So let’s talk about having confidence, balls and a dash of cockiness.

What I’m going to do for this post is run through both sexes on how the above relates to you and can benefit you. Let’s begin;


Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked “James, I’m trying to get this girl to notice me” or “James, I like this girl how do I get her?” Well, I’m no Cupid, but I do know a couple things that will set you on the right track.

In my opinion, you need a few things to get you in the door. These are; Confidence, balls and a dash of cockiness.

What you have to realise is the girl won’t like you if she doesn’t notice you. That’s where balls come in, having the balls to go up to the girl and show her you mean business. In comes in confidence, now you’re talking to the girl you need to show her you’re confident and comfortable talking to her, not sweating buckets messing up your words.. Then, throw into the cooking pot a little bit of cockiness. You need to seem cool, calm and collective. But never step over the cockiness.. At that point it’s m downhill..

After that the rest is up to you… Good luck.


Times are changing, we live in a day and age where it’s not totally un common for the girl to make the move, ask the guy out on a date or even propose! What I’m trying to say is confidence and balls are actually a good thing when it comes to getting the guy. In my eyes it’s actually quite hot when a girl makes the move! Shows confidence, which is good. So what I’m saying is, if you’re trying to get the guy and those million hints you’re leaving him don’t seem to be working, just make the move.

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