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Convenicharge | Smart Gadgets, Great Prices. The Official Review.

“Convenicharge; its time to get some smart gadgets that will benefit you”

Its time to talk gadgets, but not just any gadgets, smart gadgets from Convenicharge. You’re probably wondering what that is, let me explain. They are a company based in Worcester. They offer wireless charging pads to your busy lives. What I’m here to do today is talk about how much you need it and how beneficial they actually are.


Wireless Charging Pad

convenicharge wireless review

thin. robust. efficient

“The world has been gradually moving and evolving towards convenient & quick life and wireless charging fits in very well with that. The idea of walking in a coffee shop and being able to place your phone down on a charging pad appeals to a lot of people” – Dale Bishop, (Founder/Director)

My Review:

So how beneficial is a Convenicharge pad? Or is it a smart gadget you don’t need… Well, I can assure you its the gadget you haven’t used but once you start, you cannot stop. Okay, maybe that sounds a bit salesy… If you look at the way the way digital products are going, everything is becoming wireless, so why not your charger to? We don’t always have time to fiddling around with cables, its a nuisance.

Someone like myself I’m always on the move, I travel around constantly, from meetings to events to parties to back to my desk to blog. With that lifestyle you are constantly connected, you want to know whats going on in the world. Having no battery makes it a burden on your life, being able to go anywhere, put your phone down on the table and charge quickly and effectively sounds like something that would benefit a lot of people… Including me.


Key Features:

Quick Charge:
0% – 100% in LESS time than it would take with a cable! Reduce your charging time by approximately 20%.

Compact! Our Convenicharge Pads have a 90mm circumference & 10mm thick which makes them the ideal size to place in any convenient spot.

Each Convenicharge Pad will cost £0.28 annually to run based on 1 hour per day running time which makes them more efficient than charging your phone through your plug sockets once a day.

Large surface area sensitive to wireless signal makes for no mess charging. Mount beneath surface at a max of 0.8mm for hidden wireless connection.

convenicharge review


What did you think of the convenicharge post? Is this a gadget you’ll be interested in purchasing, I’m sure it will make your life a little easier. Let me hear your thoughts though, comment below or reach out to me on social media.

Secret note: “I’ve also heard that they are going to be launching wireless charging cases too… Keep an eye out for them as well as they are going to be a game changer” 


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