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Household Gadgets, there are so many of them… But some are definitely cooler than others! The gadgets I’m going to show you today will definitely help you become healthier.

Magic Bullet:

This little blender has been voted one of the best blenders in 2015, with the attachable containers it makes it so easy to clean. I really want this, I’ve got other blenders but they just aren’t that great… In addition they are ridiculously hard to clean! You can purchase it HERE.

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George Foreman Grill:

We have all seen it, they have been on the market for ages, this gadget changed the way we cooked! The George Foreman Grill is a household gadget a lot of my friends own, because of the way it cooks it drains most of the far away! You can purchase it from HERE. < Definite favourite Household Gadget

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Flavour Fusion Water Bottle:

Sometimes water can just be a bit boring, we are supposed o drink quite a lot of it everyday but for some people this can be a real effort, so spice up that boring water with some fusion fruit. This Household gadget allows you to mix your favourite fruits with water giving it that little bit of better taste. You can buy it from HERE. 

Household Gadgets, water fusion, water and fruit, mixing water and fruit,

Food Huggers:

Right we have all been there, you go to use a tomato or any other vegetable only to realise you only need half of it, with this great little household gadget it allows you to keep it all fresh without using endless cling film or foil. You can buy it from HERE.

Household Gadgets, food buggies, ways to protect your food,

Reusable Meal Prep Containers:

When you are eating more healthy, you try and do your own meals instead of eating out, in addition trying to take your own meals to work instead of buying food. But when you are taking your own food into the office you usually use those plastic containers, however, its hard to separate your food and by the time its been in your bag its all messed up. So with this awesome household gadget that doesn’t happen. You can buy it from HERE.

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Healthy Ice cream Maker:

We all love Ice-cream, but unfortunately it isn’t healthy… at all. However with this household gadget it allows you make amazing tasting ice-cream but an incredibly healthy way! You can buy it from HERE.

Healthy Ice-cream, healthy cream, ice-cream maker household gadgets

Portion Control Plate:

When you are losing weight, you naturally need to control what you eat and how much of it! So with this cool household object in your possession allows you to keep control of what you eat and how much of it! Great if you are a very strict diet. You can buy this HERE.

Household gadgets, Cool gadget, meal control, meal portion,

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