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Coping With Exam Stress: 

Yeah, exams suck. No one likes to be put under that stress, that one paper which can potentially direct your life. Everyone that goes through school knows that struggles of exams, knowing that they endless hours of work to be put it and all tested in a 1 hour exam, with one pen, and one sense of hope.

Now, I know people that give up, they see the exam as to much of a life hurdle, and then they give up. They close themselves off from life opportunities because they because exams are to hard, so they go in to these exams with a bad attitude before they have even begun.

This is the wrong attitude, YOU should work hard in school, you should get those grades, because you don’t realise how much they open up doors for you later in life. By working hard you give yourself more of a chance later on.

But the real question is, how do you cope with the stress? The stress of exams so you don’t give up and you make sure you do the best you can possibly do. Well here’s my tips.

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  • When you feel stressed, take a break, take a step back and clear your head. Now that doesn’t mean, go watch 2 hours of telly for 15 minutes of work, no. Get yourself a drink, think of something else, and then come back to it.
  • When you feel like you can’t learn any more, stop. Take a step back and then tackle in tomorrow, its so impossible to take in a book in one day, pace yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is all your knowledge.
  • Think of the outcome. Know that if you get good grades, better things are to come. Life will open doors for you.
  • Don’t try and be perfect but do your absolute best. You are not the same as the person sitting next to you in the exam, you will probably never see them again or think about them again. So why should you think you are going to get the same as them? Do your best! Not what your grade boundary says, your report card or your teacher says. DO YOUR BEST.

If you have any other questions about exam stress, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent.