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Cornerstone Hot Towel Treatment & Event

Good morning fellow readers, I sit here on a Tuesday morning, fingers gripped to the keys on my laptop, piping hot coffee at the ready and my brain in fifth gear. I finally have the time to catch up on the world around me, including telling you all about my most recent Cornerstone event. 

Cornerstone London Event

The cornerstone event was held at Century Club in Soho. A lovely venue which definitely fit the brand and the event perfectly. I arrived promptly after 12 oclock, which gave me enough time to eat and indulge in probably my forth cup of coffee to keep my energy levels high.

Cornerstone Hot Towel Treatment, cornerstone

I walk through the door, make my way up to the third floor where I am welcomed by one of the event representatives. I stroll through and I’m struck with the Cornerstone products, I immediatly stop and browse their latest products.

After meeting with the Cornerstone representatives and the other influencers we all settled in and started chatting away. I got the latest news on their up and coming products and the history behind the company that is changing mens shaving subscriptions.

Cornerstone Shaving Products, cornerstone

What really made the event though was when I got to experience my hot towel event using just their products, I was so relaxed and definitely something I would do again. Its something I have never done before but my skin felt to clear and clean after it, it opens up your pores and clears all the excess oil and dirt from your skin.

If you are looking for great shaving products at afforable prices then these guys are your best best.

What do you think of the Cornerstone products? Is this something you are interested in? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media.

Browse their products here.

Cornerstone Shaving Products, cornerstone Have a great day,