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Cornerstone Shaving Review | The Best Shave You Will Ever Have!

Today I’m talking about my latest shaving collaboration, Cornerstone shaving. A shaving subscription service offering affordable, quality razors straight to your front door. let’s begin my official Cornerstone shaving review!

cornerstone razor, cornerstone shaving, cornerstone shaving reviewThe shaving box arrived in such a short amount of time, before I knew it I’m looking down at the crisp brown and red box, printed with the Cornerstone logo, just waiting to be opened!

Products Overview:

“Before opening the box”

cornerstone box, cornerstone shaving

As I open the sharp looking subscription box I’m presented with a well organised, modern look at how subscription services should present their products. The products within the box included; Post shave balm. Face scrub, Shaving Gel and of course the razor and blades.

“First look at the contents of the box”

cornerstone box, cornerstone shaving

As you can see the design of the products is clean, modern and incredibly sleek. The greys and red’s work perfectly in my eyes. The don’t indicate any type of person using the product, they are totally neutral and that works in my eyes.

“Blades well organised and presented properly”

cornerstone blades. cornerstone

The blades come well packaged and easily connected to the razor, all it requires is a mild pull force and the whole blade can be replaced in a matter of seconds. I have to say, the design and look of this subscription service ticked all my boxes straight away.

The Shave:

Let’s talk above the most important factors of this subscription, the razor and the effectiveness of the shave. The razor itself is solid aluminium. Engraved with your initials so its entirely personal to you! Streamlined and perfectly balanced, ready for the ultimate shave. The 6 blade end piece is smooth and sharp. I’m naturally hesitant of a six blade razor as they haven’t worked in the past but I was gobsmacked at the smoothness the shave the cornerstone razor performed at.

“First couple of shave strokes, you can actually see how much of a difference it makes.”

cornestone shave model, shaving cornerstone

Shaving isn’t meant to be a chore, its meant to be enjoyable, easy and manly thing to do. Don’t make it hard on yourself with these expensive, 360 lighting covered fancy shavers. Let’s go back to your roots. Let’s keep it simple, with the cornerstone razor.

“Smooth strikes, clean shave”

cornestone shave model, shaving cornerstone

It’s time we make shaving fun, for all people. With the Cornerstone Shaving Service, I’m extremely happy with it and I know you will be too. Don’t waste your time faffing around with gizmos and gadgets, keep it simple, keep it cornerstone. Start your subscription service today by clicking here

Have a great, clean shaven day.