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Co Watch Smart Watch
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CoWatch Review | Smart Watch You Need At Your Disposal!

CoWatch is the first watch that is Amazon Alexa integrated, changing the future for the smart watch game. Designed by Chinese company iMCO Technology, and it runs Cronologics OS. Let’s discuss why you need this watch and my official CoWatch review. Co Watch Reviews

“How does the CoWatch fit around my lifestyle?”

A watch fitting around my lifestyle… That’s a little confusing question, how does a watch fit around me? Well, I’m a pretty busy guy, most days I’m somewhere new, meeting new people and doing new things. With that motion, I’m also on social media 24/7 that means my phone doesn’t really stop… From emails, to notifications. But what’s great about having this watch is that it fits around you personally, from all the apps available you can pick and choose how it works. It looks slick, professional and not to in your face. This watch fits around me and I’m sure it will fit around you. Now I’ve worn it for a few weeks, I can’t seem to take it off..

Alexa on the wrist

This is the first amazon Alexa integrated smart watch. That’s right, all the amazing technology amazon are brining out, from your speakers to your coffee machine will be able to integrate with this watch. If that doesn’t make other smart watch companies scared I don’t know what will…

Screams style and luxury

The design of this smart-watch is slick and clean, with the metal strap and glass face, it screams luxury. In addition, this design can be changed, altered and fixed to your liking. Head over to the site and have a browse of what’s really available for you.

Notifications and apps

With the arsenal of apps available for you, while you keep your phone in your pocket, your watch still operates like a phone, ready for your busy lifestyle.

CoWatch Review

And so much more

Notifications the CoWatch can provide: Text, email, calendar, sport update, game score, phone app notification and more. Apps: Speed dial, IFTTT, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Weather, Calendar, Alarm, Timer, Music, Flashlight and more.

What do you think?

What did you think of the CoWatch review? Interested in purchasing one? Well head over to their website here.  If you have any more questions or queries, you can comment below and I will answer all your questions there. Or you can reach out to me on social media, any channel will do. If you want to see more smart watch photos, head over to my Instagram. 

CoWatch UK

I hope you all have a great day!