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DPD, is a logistic transport company that need to learn some manners. Now I don’t usually do negative blog posts, but I want to share with you guys how important customer service is and why DPD just aren’t mastering the art of it. So to explain this I’ve got to go back, about two weeks ago I ordered a product off Amazon, now lets just get this clear right now. Amazon are great, they sorted out my problem straight away, there were no problems with them, they always do a good job. Anyway, I ordered this product, and unfortunately it wasn’t what I wanted so I issued a return.

Now I’ve never done a return before, so this was a little new for me, but I followed the instructions and worked out how to do it. I had a choice into which logistic company I wanted to use, and after using DPD in the past I selected them. I set a time and date for the parcel to be delivered and left it at that.

One week later, the delivery guy from DPD came to my house, early by nearly an hour and half he knocked on the door expecting this parcel. Now I didn’t have it wrapped up ready for him, it was by the front door but no in its box, so I said to him ‘Sorry mate, its not packed up you will have to give me some time’ He stood there, and started to strop about it, I even said to him ‘Can I get you a cup of tea while you wait?’ He said ‘No I cant just wait around’ and then complained that I didn’t have it ready. He then said in a sarcastic tone ‘I will come back tomorrow, when you are ready… SAME TIME’ Well the next he didn’t even turn up, then I had to issue another return service, then he came late by nearly 7 hours, looked at the parcel and said ‘Are we ready this time’ Then, keeping my cool I said ‘Yes here you go’ and he looked down and said ‘That’s how you’re wrapping it? Thats going to get broken or damaged’, but that won’t be my problem’ He sarcastically smiled and walked off’ Two weeks later I here from Amazon they have not received my return.

That’s what you call bad service!

DPD need to think before they speak to customers like that, you can quickly turn a loyal customer into a non existing one.

If you have had bad customer service in the past, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can comment below.