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Cutting My Hair Short… The Change Needed.

It was time to cut my hair short. Well if you follow the Blog and Social media, you will know I recently cut my hair shorter. While some of you were like yes… Some of you were like… “No don’t do it” Well, I did! But I have to… It was annoying me so much! Started to loose my mind. This is why…

Some people can grow their hair longer and it looks good, they can just leave it and it will suit them. While I loved slicking my hair back it became such a nuisance. The problem was because I have such thick hair it didn’t always want to stay back, it want to go to the side.. So by the end of the gym session I looked like I had a middle parting… YIKES.

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As you can see, from the split pictures we have short and long! While I did love having both, I am loving my short hair at the moment, I can actually use half the products I have been given over the last months. I am also enjoying saving time! Grab the wax, grab the hairspray… We are good to go!

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What do you think of my short hair though? Read out to me on social media or comment below! Have a great day.