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The dating turn offs you don’t know you’re doing

Dating turn offs, lets begin. Now, gentleman, we have all been there, you find yourself on the perfect date. The conversation is flowing, you both seem very interested about each out and the signs all point to green. But then you get home and never hear from them again. You text with no reply or even worse she makes many an excuse you just can’t seem to fathom as a reputable reply. Well, you may be making some critical mistakes that are causing the silence. Follow my steps in making sure they always call back asking for the 2nd date, ASAP.

1. Talking about your ex 

Right gentleman, this may be the BIGGEST mistake you are subconsciously making. I’m not going to lie it’s easy to do, you’re talking to someone new, and they ask about your ex, what they are saying is “How long have you been single for” because what they want to know is if they are the rebound or you are genuine. But replying with your full relationship story, the problems you both had and how she is worse off without you will cause her to raise a GIANT red flag and run for the door. Best thing to do, keep it short keep it quiet and focus on her.

2. Asking her why she’s single

I have seen it time and time again, guys lean over to a girl and say  “why is a beautiful girl like you single?” While this may seem like a compliment it’s not. This is not question time, and you are not doing an archaeological dig. Focus on the now, focus on her and keep it to that.

3. Talking about yourself

Of course, some information about yourself is crucial. But remember this is a date, she came to engage in meaningful conversation and have fun. Not a lecture about your life achievements and how you are the most amazing person and she should be grateful for your presence. Remember to keep it engaging, so ask her questions but keep it light. Listen and keep your cool. < Right up there on one of the most annoying dating turn offs.

4. Being overly passionate about one subject

It’s great that you’re excited about *insert relevant band or football team here*, but slow down and show your date that you have an open mind, by expressing opinions of a range of topics makes you look knowledgeabl . We’d want to know that we are meeting a person with varied interests that we can share and bond over. There is nothing more intimidating than meeting someone who has such particular hobbies that it doesn’t matter what kind of coversation you bring up its always related back to that… How boring!

5. Not having a plan

Nothing is more annoying than saying to the girl “Yeah I don’t really have a plan, should we just go with the flow” Your date didn’t just spend two hours getting ready, deciding on a dress making a 100% effort to dazzle for you to tell her you don’t really have a plan, or even worse you forgot to make a plan. Although, being spontaneous can be romantic and attractive on a first date it’s not.

6. Being overly well-groomed

Gentleman, being well dressed, hygienic and smelling good is critical, but if she’s walking down the street and can smell Davidoff Cool water from the tube doors, then you have put way too much on. Keep it light, keep it fresh. Also, let’s keep the hair product natural and don’t coat it on. The last thing you want is to look like you have come straight off the hairdresser’s chair and bathed in a tub of V05 Wax.


What did you think of my dating advice? Were these dating turn offs something you have done before or maybe you know someone that is suffering from the first date block, comment below and tell me your thoughts.

Have a great day.

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