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David Beckham | H&M Essentials:

Today I’m doing something a little different, I’m doing a fashion review post. This was recommended to me by one of my followers on twitter so I thought it was a good idea to it.

So what I’m doing today is looking at some of the David Beckham fashion pictures, the clothes that are featured in the latest H&M Adverts, then I will tell you what I think of them, if its something that I would purchase myself and If not, why.

  1. This smart casual outfit is definitely one that I would consider looking into purchasing I absolutely love their mac camel jacket, this lightweight wool overcoat is definitely something I need in my wardrobe. I don’t like the jeans that much though. There’s something about them that makes them look tacky. However, the shirt looks great with this combo. I would change the jeans to either black, or a ripped grey. Now they haven’t shown shoes here, but I would be going for a chelsea boot pointed toe, that would finish this outfit off perfectly.

david beckham hm kevin hart

2. This outfit has its pros and cons, the shirt and jacket look great, if you can pull off that look. I would say matching that shirt with a black blazer, not an overcoat. Now these jeans work a lot better with this outfit, but definitely match it with a black belt, don’t know why one hasn’t be shown. This is a good combo, but because of the jeans it restricts, the events you would be able to wear it at. Once again they haven’t featured shoes in the picture, I would be going for either a smart black shoe, or if you wear changing the jeans to black skinny you could go for a loafer.

david beckham hm

If you have any other thoughts on the David Beckhams fashion features then comment below, in addition if you have and recommendation posts, then comment below and I would be happy to look at them.