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Debenhams Outfit Ideas | The British Gentleman, The Ultimate Outfit.

Good evening you lovely people, that’s right I’ve teamed up with Debenhams, the brand who offer luxury and affordable clothing to both females, males and children. But for now, let’s focus on their menswear, in specific… Their winter line. Let’s have a chat about my ‘Debenhams outfit ideas’ and why you should be stepping up your style this winter. Gentleman Fashion Ideas

Today I’m chatting about “The British Gentleman” style. I have to say there is something about Debenhams clothing that always looks not just great, but worth the money. You see some clothing on the markets and think, “Yeah, that looks great, but its not going to last” That’s not exactly what you should be thinking when getting clothes, you should think of it like an investment, I always know that Debenhams clothing is a good investment, clothing that looks good and actually lasts.

Right then, there’s no time to waste. Let’s have a chat about my latest outfit! Okay, where shall we begin? Yes.. Shoes.

Debenhams Outfit Ideas – Upgrading The British Gentleman.


Model James Vincent

Debenhams Shoes: Size 11.

You know me and chelsea boots, there’s something about them, I just can’t get enough of them… I have so many pairs. However, through my buying history, I have to say Debenhams definitely make their shoes better. They last so well, properly made. These tan leather boots look great, feel great. (TIP: Wear them in properly before doing long walks).

Debenhams Jeans: 32 R 

Interesting… I have to say I don’t usually go for these type of trousers, not because of the colour, price or any else generic factor… But because I just don’t look good in this style. I have those skinny legs, make it harder for loose jeans to look good. However, debehams slim fit do look great and aren’t tight around the crotch.

Debenhams Blazer: 40 R

Oh yes… This tweed blazer looks great, feels even better. The design of this blazer just screams sophistication and definitely gives you that bold look you need. Tapered slightly and hugs round the arms, its the better jacket to combine the gentleman look with a bold feature.

Debenhams Shirt: 16 R 

This double cuffed chalk white shirt is definitely one for the smart occasions, I don’t see that many shirts that are double cuffed now which is a nice change, the material feels phenomenal on you, screams the luxury look and is definitely one you need at your disposal.

Debenhams Overcoat: 42 R

My favourite piece of clothing, the tan overcoat. It fits so well, hanging perfectly straight over the blazer, its the coat you don’t just need to have but should have. It sends and outfit from a 7 to a 10 easy. What’s so perfect about this blazer is the little touches like the shield badge to really showcase that British gentleman look.

I hope you enjoyed my Debenhams outfit post, if you have any other questions, comment them below. Or you can reach out to me on social media, go check out my Instagram in particular to see my latest inspiration for your outfits.

Clothes Model Debenhams

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