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Debenhams Racing Green | Menswear Collaboration

Hello you lovely people, I’m back with a brand new collaboration, I have teamed up with Debenhams for a fresh look at their brand new line ‘Debenhams Racing Green’ I want to show you some great menswear outfit inspiration and how you can step up your style today with an easily affordable look from Debenhams.

debenhams racing green clothes

Street Style With Debenhams Racing Green


I was out in Worcester over the weekend, and I thought to myself what a better place to feature my brand new clothes from Debenhams. This outfit it a smart casual look, a casual British gentleman.

james vincent blogger

The Jacket has been one of my favourites for a while, the slightly tightened slim fitting Harrington Jacket looks great with so many outfits, but matching it with the crew neck navy blue jumper just looked so good.

Marrying this with the chalk white cotton oxford shirt just fit like a glove. Thicker than their normal cotton shirts just worked so well for these slightly colder times.

james vincent, debehams menswear

Topping it off with a crisp pair of brown chinos hit the nail on its head. Chinos seemed to go out of style for quite a while, but now they are back, here to stay.

Overall Debenhams have done well in their new line; I recommend checking it out, I can already see what’s on my wishlist now like the yellow cotton shirt or the Red Harrington Jacket.

worcester, debehams clothes

What did you think of the Debenhams racing green post? Have I given you some fashion inspiration, or maybe I’ve added something to your wish list. Make sure you comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media. If you want to carry on the fun reading, then have a look at the featured posts below.

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