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A Diet Isn’t Just What You Eat; It’s Everything You Consume (Metaphorically) … Life Motivation.

I was recently watching a motivational video by an athlete who had been suffering depression even though he was in great shape, looked fantastic and achieved amazing things. He spoke about his depression in the form of his diet; I suppose that’s one good way of explaining it, this is what he said.

“I was depressed because of what was in my diet. Not what I was eating, but everything else. Your diet isn’t just what you eat, it’s what you watch, what you wear, who you surround yourself with. I needed to change my diet to become a better person.”

That was only a snippet of what he said, and of course, I condensed it, but the philosophy behind it is incredibly exciting.

What you eat:

What you eat is critical, what we take into our bodies makes such a difference to our lives. I am a clean eater, not just because of fitness, but it makes me feel better about myself. Clean mind, clean body, clean soul Or something along those lines.

What you wear:

As a fashion blogger, I, of course, wear a range of clothing, sometimes keeping to the trends, at times making my decisions on what I think is best. But what you wear is also an important part of your diet. You have to feel comfortable in your clothes, wear what makes you happy, what you feel you look good in and not always what society accepts.

What you watch:

What you watch is so important. Naturally, most of us are working all day, and we come home to relax. It can become quite regular, to get home after a long day and binge watch useless television that has no real benefit to you. That’s part of your diet; your brain is consuming useless information. Of course, we need to relax, clear our mind and sometimes forget about the day we have the day, so I make sure I balance that mind numbing television with documentaries that way at least your brain is consuming some relevant information.

Who you surround yourself with:

This is something I’ve touched on before, who you surround yourself with is so important for a better life. If you want to know more about this, follow this blog post. 

The job you have: 

You don’t realise how much your job can affect your life. We can spend a lot of our days at our jobs, whatever they may be. That job can entice you, motivate you and grow you or it can be demotivating, consuming and can result in unhappiness. I have seen it first hand that people will choose money over happiness… This is something you need to think about before choosing that job.

What did you think of this life motivation post on the metaphorical side of the diet? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media.

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