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Move away from the Digital Dating.

We live in a day and age where the art of digital dating is very common and incredibly normal. It’s not un common now to see a girl on Facebook, direct message them, speak to them for a few weeks before even seeing them in person..

While that is great, to flirt on text, to be able to think about the wittiest response before typing it to even being a little naughty without anyone knowing… But, the problem with digital is. You can easily stay digital, and it becomes easier to flirt and communicate with the opposite/same sex over digital platforms.

Where’s the fun in that? The whole point of platforms like Tinder, Badoo and the many more available to the public is that they are meant to create the first connection and then get you off them.

So make sure when you connect with a girl on a dating app, or even making the first move any social media platform, make sure your intentions are to get you both off the chosen platforms and to actually meet in person.

Remember, even though we live in a digital age, being a gentleman and taking a girl on a proper date is not extinct. So keep the person on their toes and make sure they know your intentions are not just go talk on digital platforms but to meet them in person. Because at the end of the day… Digital dating can only go so far!

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