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Disaster Procedures | Preventing Cyber Crime Worcester

Recently we have had more and more enquiries about Cyber crime and how to prepare & prevent it. You see you don’t really think about it until it happens to you, but more and more businesses are being effected by it.

The problem is when we think cyber crime we naturally think some hacker in his bedroom, with his hood up hacking his way through the matrix to get to your data, the reality is that is not usually the case, its human error which causes the biggest problems.

Cyber Security Worcester

We get a lot of people asking how to notice cyber crime, what the tells are and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you, but usually its the simple procedures in place that make the difference and knowing who has access to what. Think about it like this you are running a company of 30 people, you have servers, documents, finance, social media & company/client information. Now think to yourself, who has access to that? Who’s allowed to see, control and access that information.

Think about it like this, does the new executive that’s only been working there two months need server access, what happens if something goes wrong and he’s got access to client information.

Worcester Cyber WordPress

The biggest problem is people have access to the website & social media and then they are either fired and they go public with how they truly feel about the company… Now think, who has access to your website and social? What procedures do you have in place to protect that?

At Hot Source we analyse your company cyber profiles and advise you on what procedures need to put into place or what needs to be changed to prepare you for the worst, in addition to this we also offer Cyber training, word press security and social media for beginners.

If you are interested in knowing more about Cyber Crime or want to know about how you can protect your business and have disaster procedures in place please email contact@hotsourcecreative.com or you can message me directly james@hotsourcecreative.com and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Have a great day.