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Don’t Force Love:

Now I have been requested to talk a bit about love, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do today! Love is a tricky thing, if you have never had it, you don’t ever want it. But, if you have it, you never want to let it go. So let’s have little discussion and some advice I can give you about it. So love is tricky, it can like a game of cards, you can put all your cards in and you may have to fold. Or you put all your cards in and you win everything back. Now I know you can’t exactly relate love to a pack of cards, because it doesn’t work like that! However, we can say that if you force your cards and try and bet on something you may loose it all.

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When I was out in Birmingham one night, I was in a pub and there was this guy there, he had just seen his friend break up with his girl. Looked at my as it happens and he said something that had stuck with me ‘Love is like a fart, if you push it, you’re going to see shit.’ Now, that is a crude way of putting it. But its true is some sense, if you force love, if you go out looking for it, you may not get the return you want.

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No one likes to be alone, no one likes loneliness, but if you look for love you bury the red flags under the rug without realizing it. You want love, but if you look for love in places you shouldn’t be then you may find someone that isn’t actually right for you. If you want love, don’t look for it. Carry on your life as normal, achieve your goals, work hard, and love will roll around. You could just be walking on your way home from work one day and bump into the girl of your dreams. Patience is key, relax! Time your time and you will find love.

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