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Don’t Underestimate The Classic White Tee! There’s More Combos Than You Think! Let’s Mix It Up… Old school.

The classic white tee look has been around for so long, we have seen it in so many iconic movies from Greece, to James Dean. But sometimes we overlook this iconic look… We forget about its potential. We forget about how bloody cool we can look in one. Well let me job that memory of yours!

There I was taking photos for the NutSac Satchel (Yes I know… Unfortunate name) Anyway, mid taking photos, I took of my jumper, and then my photographer started snapping up photos! Make me remember how good a classic white tee can look with jeans and shoes. Now, of course the tee depends on your body shape, its size and what you are trying to pull off. As you can see from the photo above, that is just a normal white tee from HM but how good does it look, there’s nothing that special about it… Not fancy pattern. Just a great looking tee, with the right jeans and shoes.

So remember, next time you’re struggling to pick an outfit. Match the colours you are wearing and thinking about every single alternative under the sun. Take out that crisp white tee of yours and embrace the iconic, classic look. You never know what kind of outfits you will remember you used to love!

If you have any other questions, or you want to talk a bit more about keeping it classic or you’re still debating an outfit choice, just comment below or reach out to me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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