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Don’t Wait For The Fairytale, Make One!

I was recently watching a movie which was the 2 night stand, if you haven’t seen it I recommend you go watch it! Now, why I’m bringing this up is for a series of reasons which we will get into! Now as guys and girls grow up they are drip fed the idea of a¬†fairytale, which in reality aren’t true. In life, you are going to meet someone, you are going to fall in love, but its not going to be simple and straight forward and its not going to be easy, this is real life, its full of ups and downs. But, its how we react on that which makes a difference.

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So what I’m trying to say, when falling in love with someone, its never going to be as you planned, you cant predict it, make a plan of how it will turn out, you have to just go with the flow. If you look at real life, when you’ve fallen for someone has it ever gone to plan? Has it ever gone as smoothly as you thought it would in your head? No.. That’s what I thought! From not initially liking the person, to having ex’s flying around to just seeing them as a friend, to even liking their friend before them.. Yeah! Life takes tricky turns and is full of suprises.

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All I’m saying is, if you have fallen for someone, go with it. Don’t plan it, predict¬†it, everything will fall into place as it should! Don’t expect the fairytale of the guy on the horse riding up to a castle, or Cinderella losing her slipper, create your fairytale, create the love and it will be your story forever.

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