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The Door To Opportunity | Discover Potential

Let’s talk about opportunity; there’s so much of it. But a lot of people believe it’s restricted to the elite. Or people think they have chosen their paths, so there is no way to open another door. Well, let me clear the air. That is absolute utter bollocks. 

Define opportunity: “A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.”. Yes, this is what we call an opportunity, it comes in hand in hand with that quote I’m sure you’ve heard of before. “You must close one door to open another” A fantastic statement, which many people seem to underthink. A door is an opportunity; you don’t always know what’s behind that door, you don’t know if it’s going to be good, successful or worth it but you can take that risk because the door is unlocked.

The problem with a vast majority of people is, they see that door, they can grasp onto the handle with a tight grip, but they just can’t seem to open it. Not because it’s not meant for you, not because you’re not worthy but because you don’t have the balls. You have taken yourself in a ‘safe zone’ Where you close off opportunities and slowly but steadily the door starts to shrink, and the possibility of going through the door is now diminished… shame.

We are surrounded by endless opportunities in life, we as humans are pretty much limitless. But we have this problem where we see the safe path, the most sensible of ideas and close ourselves in that room with the door locked because it’s easier than facing the risk, this is not a good way to live.

Run with the wolves, open as many doors as you can, take the risk and unlock the path to your potential.

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