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Good evening everyone,

I hope you are all having a great week, I can’t believe its Friday tomorrow, the week is going so quickly! So the other day I was approached by Drake and Hutch to check out their boxer briefs. Now I’ve got a range of boxers, all colours and brands. So I was interested to see if these guys lived up to their name.

‘Drake and Hutch – Modern. British. Underwear.’

I have to say… they did, with flying colours! When they arrived, they come in this tightly compacted cardboard box, with a see through front so you can see your boxers straight away. I had black and white striped ones, with a blue strap with ‘Drake and Hutch’ all the way around. They are so beautifully packaged! And theres a cheeky message inside the box that says… ‘Shh don’t tell the missus I’ve been in your pants’ Which I thought was a cheeky touch!

This is definitely up there with the comfiest boxers I have ever owned, but over colour, style and brand what really stands out to me is they actually do what they say on the box. Boxers that fit for the modern man, they work and they keep on working until you have to take them off. They are shaped properly to fit a mans body with 100% quality. These aren’t the type that you are only going to wear them once, when you get lucky. They work all day, everyday.


‘Go check them out, they are the boxers, you are not just going to want, but need. ‘