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Can You Answer These 21 Questions 98% Of 3rd Graders Can Answer?

 Well, good afternoon all you lovely… smart people! Yeah, I’m saying you’re smart because I want to big you up before you go and try this new quiz! Oh come on, it’s not that hard, its for 3rd graders! Well, it even says there! “98% of 3rd graders can answer this quiz” so that means you should be able too as well, right? Well, okay, let’s put that too the test! GOOD LUCK!
What did think of it? Come on, that was easy! Or wait… Did you struggle? Do I need to send you back to school! Well, comment your thoughts below! Or alternatively you can reach out to me on your desired social media channel Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.! If you’re feeling lucky, you might as well carry on the quiz hype HERE!
Have a great afternoon,