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Editors Pick | Lord Timepieces Legacy Silver Review!

The Lord Timepieces Legacy Silver, a watch that looks great, affordable and stands out so well. This watch is from their brand new collection, they come in four different colours to match your style.

Lord Timepieces Legacy Silver

Taking the watch out of the box for the first time. their new packaging looks fantastic and protects the watch in the post.

Lord Timepieces Legacy Watch! The Editor Pick Of The Week

James Vincent Model

Look how well the legacy watch matches this outfit, the perfect watch for any outfit.

The latest watch to my collection is the Lord Timepieces legacy silver! This classy watch looks fantastic with so many outfits. The stainless steel face looks so bold. Also, the skeleton face that can be observed from the front and back.

Lord timepieces new watch collection

On the day I matched the lord timepieces silver watch with a classic blue oxford shirt.

What I think I like the most about this watch is the cross of colours that bring the whole watch together. From the blue face hands to the stainless steel face with the small gold details to tie it all together.

Lord timepieces silver watch

Look at the leather strap; it’s the perfect shade it brown. Really bringing the whole timepiece together.

If you have any questions about their new collection or want to get a question answered that I didn’t answer in the blog post, you can reach out to me on social media or the comment section below. If you want to carry on the reading, have a look at my other reviews here.

Lord timepieces watch real

If you like the legacy collection but thinking of a different colour, have a look at their whole selection

Lord Timepieces Legacy Silver watches

Look how well the skeleton face watch matches with the centre gold piece.

Scroll down to see the Lord Timepieces youtube channel and have a browse of their full collection!

Lord Timepieces Legacy Silver watch

The skeleton face just looks divine, definitely one of my all-time favourites

Lord Timepieces Legacy Silver

I love the fact you can see the mechanics of the watch on the back, the perfect design.

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