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Improve productivity:

No matter what job you have or what position you have everyone in the business world, in one way or another, wants to improve their productivity. Or that of their employees. So according to recent studies from multiple different sources. Here is eight ways how to improve productivity according to science.

Cut back on overtime!
Studies have shown that if you were to reduce your daily work hours from 10 to 8 hours and work only 5 days instead of 6, your productivity increases and you achieve the same amount of work in less time.

One task at a time!
Multitasking is extremely un-productive! When we set out to complete many tasks all at the same time we end up doing each task much slower as well as make more mistakes. This is because we donโ€™t focus our full attention to the single task and so is achieved much more slowly.

Work by a window!

Try and get as much natural light as possible. Office workers who are positioned by a window are shown to be much more productive. In addition the workers were less likely to get Seasonal Affective Disorder, plus they have lower rates of absenteeism.

Prioritise your tasks!
Instead of working harder on as many tasks as possible you should focus on smaller amounts of tasks and aim to achieve the ones that produce the most results at all times and ignore the rest.

Perfectionism is bad!
Despite perfectionism having its perks. Increased productivity is not one of them! According to a recent study, there is a direct link between higher levels of perfectionism and lower levels of productivity. Sometimes time is crucial and getting the job done is the most important thing rather than worrying about the little things to make it perfect.

Go walking!
Multiple studies have shown that regular walking has been shown to increase peopleโ€™s creativity and problem solving skills. In addition it gives you time to think. Downtime helps the brain to process information much more efficiently as well be more creative.

Work in short bursts!
If you work for roughly 90 minutes followed by 20 minute breaks allows the brain to be more focused also giving you more energy. Preventing you from feeling sluggish and slowing down. Rapidly increasing your productivity as your attention span remains high at all times.

Get a nap in!
Lots of research has shown that workers who take a short nap can make them feel sharper when they wake up. Increasing their attention and focus. Guess thatโ€™s why they call it a power nap!

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