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English Gangster Style – “We talk about being gangsters, that’s exactly what we’ll be.”

English gangsters, while they did some pretty terrible things over the years, there style was pretty on point. So today, let’s talk about why I think the English gangster style should go back into style.

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Good afternoon you lovely people, today I’m chatting today about the style of the old english gangsters. Like the cray brothers, while they had a reputation for doing some pretty terrible things, you have to admit, the style they had was incredible.

If you look how they were dressed there was a sense of class, sophistication and level of just being an absolute badass. I’m going to run-through some similar fashion looks into replicating this era of gangster clothing.

The Suit: The suit was a piece of clothing that never got under looked. It showed you meant business, it shows you had power and most of all, you had money. The suits that are worn a lot were the double breasted jacket suits. You’re in luck as well, these are going back into fashion. Now, the style of suit has changed over the years, they have got skinnier and tighter, if you’re looking to replicate this look, go for the slim suit. 

The Shirt: Pressed and ready to impress. The shirts that were worn were chalk white, no streaks no creases. They never went for the tight tight shirts, go for a slim fit but pressed shirt. The ones that work well are the River Island ones.

The Shoes: When going for smart shoes, that look great, don’t break and more than anything don’t break the bank, head over to burtons. Now, the one bad thing about burton shoes is the sole of the shoe wears quite quickly, keep an eye out for wear as you don’t want to walking around with broken shoes.

The Accessories: 

Tie Pin: Looking for great tie pins, head over to Mr lapel.

Lapel Pin: Same again, head over to Mr Lapel, they offer the best ones.

Pocket Square: For the best quality, head over to T.M Lewin.

Watch: For this look you need a proper gentleman watch, head over to GC watches.

Braces: Brother and Gent over the best style and originality for braces.

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If you have any other questions about english gangster style, comment below or you can reach out to me on Facebook/Twitter. 

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