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Entrepreneur Tips:

In just a few seconds I can name some companies that lead the business world, they include; McDonald’s, Virgin and HSBC. However, these companies were not created overnight. They took time, persistence, hard work and high motivation to move forward. Naturally from the point of view of a start up, we think that they have had success over night. That they have produced these fantastic companies without hard work, and natural barriers. But its not just companies, its people. Look at Richard Branston, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg all of them hit many bumps on their journey to success.

A lot of companies naturally want to move quickly, they want to expand and grow, as quickly as possible! Because naturally we thing bigger is better… That isn’t always true. The main reason businesses fail is perhaps surprising… Its that they have grown too fast, too quickly. They in result do not have the ability to fund their growth.

‘A profitable company that tries to grow too fast can rush out of cash even if its products are at a great successes’ -Neil Churchill and John Mullins.

Remember when you loose motivation in the development of your business, think back to when some of the leading companies in the world started and what barriers they faced on a daily basis.

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