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Experiment With Different Fashion Looks!

Good afternoon everyone, today I’m going to talk about different fashion looks and why experimenting is good for you!

Now we all like different fashion looks, styles and designs. This can be to do with where you grow up, the type of people you are influenced by or just your personal preference. The problem with this is, it can get you stuck in certain ways. Buying the same clothes, or similar clothes different designs.

What I’m saying is, trying something new every now and again isn’t going to hurt you! Even myself, I even stick to certain looks and styles, but every now and again I see something amazing, but naturally our personality types will immediately think “That won’t suit me” but, you won’t really know until you try.

For example, round frame sunglasses are something I’ve seen them on all kinds of people, but always thought, they wouldn’t really suit me… But then I thought, screw it! I might as well try! I have to say I don’t look to bad in them haah!

To show you what I mean, have a look at some of my latest fashion posts, from the ultra gentleman, to the urban street. Take some inspiration off me!

Urban Streetwear | Taking The Streets Back!

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Rad Clothing Review | Urban Fashion

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Mens Suspender Fashion

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I hope you enjoyed the post about experimenting with other looks, or different styles, just comment below or reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter! Have a great evening,

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