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Exploring Clee Hill, Photoshoot Time Over The Abandoned Quarry!

Good morning you lovely people, I thought I would start the weekend by featuring a new travel post, one exploring Clee Hill and the secrets it has to offer. Last week I wanted to go somewhere I had been, but only briefly, the Clee Hills offer a lot of history that I think we naturally take for granted. Also, I thought, what a fantastic place for a photoshoot. 

Clee hills, shropshire walks

While it looks like the sun is shining, the temperature was incredibly cold. The sharp air over the hills would hit you in your bones, but that wasn’t going to stop be exploring over the abandoned quarry. What was once a thriving mining area was now deserted. It made me think, though; I was going there for probably two hours to get some photos, while some people would have spent their whole lives there.

abandoned quarry, Clee hills

What did you think of the travel post? Is this somewhere you would like to explore? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media. If you want to carry on the fun reading, have a look at the featured posts below.

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