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Now I love a good fact post, there is something about learning something new and interesting that could actually help you later in life! So this afternoon, I’ve decided to do a short post on 10 facts that could actually save your life, something worth knowing!

Pregnancy Test:

That’s right, pregnancy tests aren’t just for finding out if you’re pregnant or not, they can be used for guys, to test for testicular cancer, so if you want to check if you have it, pee on a stick!

Airplane Seating:

Now, airplane crashes don’t happen that often and they are highly unlikely, but they have now worked out where to sit to most likely survive a airplane crash. They say if you sit and the back on the isle seat you are more likely going to survive than people sitting at the front, or by the windows.


If you are out in the snow and you get lost, naturally you are going to get thirsty. You would think, well snow is just water which is the best thing to drink. Which is a good idea, however, because its below freezing if you eat snow, it will lower your body temperate leading to hypothermia, make sure you drink it at a room temperature.

Camera detective: 

Cameras can do a lot more than just take photos, they can actually detect cancer, that’s right. Certain cancerous cells can develop behind the eyes. If you take a photo with a flash, your eyes will naturally come up red. but if they come up white it means you have cancer behind them,

Fire Stopper: 

If you’re in the kitchen and a fire starts, water would be your first choice to put it out, that’s what we have grown up knowing what to do, which is correct. However, if you have baking soda, this also puts out fires even quicker!

Chewing Gum: 

Now, if you’re stranded somewhere and you know food rations are low, chew chewing gum, its tricks your body into thinking you’re eating and will keep you more full for longer.

If you have other facts that could save your life, then comment them below or tweet me @mrajmesvincent