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5 Favourite Watches of 2016 ( so far )

So a lot of you have been asking about watches recently you see that I get sent a few fair but you wanted to know ‘What watches do I wear on a daily basis’ or ‘Do I have some favourites’ Well yes I do, there are a few watches that I seem to wear over any others, so lets run through them!

Let me run through which are my favourite, which are my go to watches and why;

Debonair time – Roosevelt

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This is my main go to watch, I practically wear this watch every day, its my go to watch. The reason is simplicity. It matches literally every outfit I own. I don’t even need to think when I wear it, I just put it on and carry on with the day, FULL REVIEW HERE

Sterling Timepieces – Jaguar

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This is my new watch, well one of them. I like this watch, I have already worn this watch at a few events, the reason is its bold. It stands out, it doesn’t take no for an answer. When you’re at an event or something on the lines of that you need to stand out. You need to make a statement, to do this you need to look good. FULL REVIEW HERE

The Lord Timepieces – Classic

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Now this watch I literally received over the last week, but I love it. Its simple! Simple does well in my eyes, the plain silver strap blends in with the outfit and give a sense of sophistication. I’ve worn this with a few suit posts already! This one definitely made it to my ‘Favourite Watches’ collection FULL REVIEW HERE

These are the three watches I wear literally all the time, but what about you? Which watches do you like to wear or which watch above is your favourite, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent! 

Have a great evening