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Afternoon all,

Well It’s the weekend, time to relax and put your feet up! Well for most people. I decided to go out today and do a bit of filming for the VLOG launch video. Which at the rate I’m going should be going live between the 17-19th September. I am very excited for the launch of it! I do have one video already on my channel.

Today my brother and myself, went out to do a ‘Stock motion’ shot for the video, as well as couple others, as we were walking we noticed huge hay bales in the surrounding fields, which was the perfect location to film. We set up the equipment and got shooting. The weather was luckily enough on our side, but not for long. Before we knew it the sun had hidden behinds the clouds and the rain came and said hello. However, we did have enough time to film and photograph everything we wanted for the Vlog Launch


Hay, field, picture of a field, hay bail, filming in a field, Vlog Launch