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Remove built-in apps from the Home screen on your iOS device!

Ever since the original iPhone was launched users have always wanted to delete those stupid un wanted IOS apps! Not always because we didn’t want them but because they wasted the precious space we had on the phone! As the years went on and on, the phones still weren’t updated with the ability to delete them…

If you wasn’t to learn how to delete them, click HERE.

Fact: “The first iPhone was launched in 2007!”

However, in the latest news update from Apple, there is talk that IOS 10 will have the ability to delete those apps you have always wanted to hold down and disappear them from your home screen.

Now Apple, don’t really want you to delete them, as they stated in on their website!

“When you remove a built-in app from your Home screen, you also remove any related user data and configuration files. This can affect things like related system functions or information on your Apple Watch. The apps built into iOS are designed to be very space efficient, so all of them together use less than 150MB.” – Apple Website.

Fact: “The first ever iPhone was conceptualized in 1983.”

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