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First Date Mistakes Girls make.. 

Anonymous: “Hey James, can you do a post on first date mistakes girls make, because they can be just as bad”

Girls, I love you all. But, you can be just as bad when it comes to first dates. Yeah, I’m being honest, I’m telling it from the heart. No messing around with me, I’m going to explain why, these are from experiences in my life from past dates, lets get personal.

Right let’s begin, time to talk about first date mistakes girls make.. Are you ready for some truths?

Faking it: Oh yeah, I’ve been there, they try and act totally different to what you expected. For example, she was so over enthusiastic, but like sarcastic enthusiastic, I found it so weird.. And off putting! She continued to do this for the whole night, then acted like she was the queen, then started arguing with waiters. < Just be you. That’s why we went on a date with YOU.

Being an open book: Girls if you don’t want to push a guy away, keep some secrets to yourself… Yeah reveal some personal stuff, it makes you honest, which guys do like ( to a certain extent) . But don’t start talking about things that are a little deep, or too personal it can quickly put us off you.. Sorry.

Ex Boyfriend Conference: We are Not and I repeat NOT there on a date with you to hear about what happened with you and your ex, thats he’s a “Cheating ass wipe, and he doesn’t even have a big cock” < Not the time and place. It firstly makes us think you’re not over them secondly… you LOOK crazy!

Question time. Thirty seconds lets go: Guys love questions, because most of us love talking about ourselves ahah. However, don’t ask him everything, what’s your favourite colour, when did you go to middle school, what age did you loose your virginity, do you have a third nipple. – Or the opposite spectrum – When was the last time you had sex, who’s your ex girlfriend, why did you guys break up, how much money do you make. – See what’s wrong there? To personal. It makes it sound like an interview.

Being bossy: Okay, yeah girls you like to make decisions, yeah I’ve been there, don’t think I don’t know this. However, being bossy and demanding on the first date can get a guy to push his chair back slowly, and belt it out the door.. Not exactly what you had planned! Keep your cool.

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Dressing for the occasion: Right, big no no for me. I was at a date and I was dressed smart, she arrived like she had come back from the gym. Make sure you know what clothes to wear for the occasion, and I don’t doubt for a second you won’t look good, but make sure you match what he’s wearing, like smart with smart, casual with casual. Because if he goes smart and you look like you have just woken up from a three day bender he will think you’re not making the effort and you’re not really interested.

Those are just some of my tips, tweet me @mrjamesvincent if you have any questions!