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This Is Why You Should Show A Little Mystery Especially On First Dates!

Good evening you beautiful people, thank you for tuning in for another relationship blog post. This evening, I’m having a little chat about showing a little bit of mystery, especially on first dates. But why? Why not be an open book… Well, let me give you my opinion, and this is only my opinion. If you think differently, or have a different one, good, It shows you are human, but while you’re here, listen.

I’ve been on a few first dates, some fantastic, some not so much. But not so much because of the girl, no it’s sometimes me. There isn’t a sense of compatibility, which is natural. Not all jigsaw pieces fit together, that’s human. So you carry on your life as normal, until maybe the next dates comes along but what I’m addressing today is how to go about it!

I wanted to talk about the art of leaving a little mystery, especially on first dates. While it’s a fantastic thing to be open, express your emotions, feelings and life. Some things are best left unsaid. Not because of the situation… But because of the time you have spent. Some people like to leave things to the imagination, while others don’t. Some people like to really go to town and explain everything about themselves, while this is good. Sometimes it’s best to leave certain aspects out.

Imagine it like this, Sophie’s on a date with Tom. They are having a whale of a time, drinking chatting and enjoying each other’s company, fantastic. But what happens when Sophie goes and tells him everything about her life… Into so much detail you get a little put off, maybe she mentions ex boyfriends, or her weird obsession with biting finger nails… Damn, I don’t know. Now that guy is probably going to give Sophie one look and think “Never again…” Which happens more than you think.

However, it can also go the other way. Sophie’s on a date with Tom. They are having a whale of a time, drinking chatting and enjoying each other’s company, fantastic. But what happens, when Tom starts talking about all his secrets… Time he got so drunk he puked on himself, to maybe his lads holiday away… To even his secrets about ex girlfriends, his sexual fantasies… Yeah. She’s going to be firstly overwhelmed, but it also becomes predictable for her. Now that girl is going to give Tom one look and think “Never again…”

(Story based on fictitious ideas, not based on real people, chill your beans.)

All I’m saying is, especially on first dates, don’t give everything away. Sometimes its best to leave some secrets locked up… For a while. If you have any other questions, comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media channel Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.