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My First London Underground Experience | First Time For Everything!

Yesterday I was in London, for all day meetings! But after they were all done and dusted I met up with the gorgeous blogger Katie Harriet. We went to the Mr. Foggs, Gin tavern (keep a look out for the full post) This is where I had my first London Underground experience!  

I met Katie, at the Covent Garden station, we headed over to the Mr. Foggs, gin tavern. It was such an amazing place! Before you know it, I’ve had 5 gin and tonics and I’m thinking, yeah I’ll just stay here… But then reality kicked in, I had to get back to the train station!

We realised that for me to get onto the train without me missing it I would have to catch the tube, she said yeah we will just catch the (something line) and we will be there in 10 minutes… I then had to reply with… “I’ve never been on the tube” She was shocked, and to be fair I’m shocked as well, I’m 22 too go to London so often but never catch the tube hah!

So Katie was lovely enough to show me how to do it and actually took me right to Euston station, so I didn’t get lost! The first tube I ever took was fun, but they are incredibly hot, they need to work on some venting system ahah! But now that I’ve done it once I feel I can do it very easily now haah! I’m practically an expert ahah!

What did you think of the London underground experience?  If you have any other questions, comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media channel Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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