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Five quick ways to become more productive

Being productive, a short statement just about everyone will say to you. From your parents to your boss. It’s a buzzword people love to use, but it’s more a combination of anxiety with self-goals piling into one. You can quickly get yourself into this un-motivated, slacking attitude that causes your productivity to slow down. Well, I am here today to get you back on track, to get you motivated and feeling productive.

Step One: Brain dump EVERYTHING you’re thinking

Your minds are always flooding with things to do, with ideas to follow, people to call, etc. So first things first, brain dump everything that’s on your mind onto paper. This way you clear your head, and you can read what’s critical and what can be put to one side.

Step Two: Use your calender those dates important

We are all human, which means naturally we forget things. The busier you get, the easier it is to forget things. So make sure when there are important dates and times like meetings etc. you put them down in your phone, that way it reminds you and keeps you on track.

Step three: Keep a personalised ‘With’ List for the critical people in your life

For example, create individual, personalised to-do lists for your boss, your mother, your partner, your website designer, anyone that is important. This way you know who to prioritise.

Step Four: Slow down to go faster

Every now and again take a moment to relax, meditate for a few minutes, take a deep breath. This way you’re not rushing things, you’re not trying to cram everything in a day or your brain. You will see things more clearly, make wiser choices and know what needs your attention and what does not.

Step Five: Sleep More

Most importantly, sleep more. Of course, it’s important to get as much done in that 24 hours. However, the less sleep you have, the quicker your brain stops functioning. Get your eight hours and make sure your brain is fresh for the challenges the day brings.

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